Attorney Profile

Michelle Ortega

Michelle Ortega brings extensive experience in the fields of Special Education Law, Family Law, Guardianships, Conservatorships and DUI Defense, Unlawful Detainer/Evictions, Wills, Trusts and Judgment Collections.  Ms. Ortega attended Whittier Law School ("Whittier"), and volunteered within the Special Education and Domestic Violence Clinic therein.  During her time at Whittier, Ms. Ortega received first hand training in dealing with Special Education matters in order to assist indigent families with obtaining appropriate placement and services for their children with special needs.   The clinic allowed Ms. Ortega to learn valuable advocacy skills, negotiation methods and legal training in this uniquely specialized field of law.  Ms. Ortega also assisted women and children who were victims of domestic violence to rebuild their lives. 

Also during law school, Ms. Ortega interned for the Children's Law Center where she advocated for children who were taken from their parents for neglect and abuse in order to ensure that their voices were heard.  Since the inception of her career, Ms. Ortega has dedicated herself to fighting for families and their civil rights.  The family is a fundamental component to her practice, involving parents by teaching them self advocacy skills.   
Ms. Ortega is devoted to assisting families in need, one child at a time.
Thereafter, she interned at the West Justice District Attorneys Office.  Ms. Ortega participated in trial advocacy during her time in law school, which allowed her to gain valuable knowledge in the aspects of trial litigation, preparation, and oral argument.  Ms. Ortega has defended numerous clients with their charges of driving under the influence successfully.  She has aggressively placed police officers, chemical experts, and witnesses on the stand in order to prove her client's innocence.  Ms. Ortega constantly educates herself on the ever-changing DUI laws in California, and is readily prepared to defend her clients in hearing.  Ms. Ortega places protection of her clients as the priority to her daily practices.  Michelle defends clients both in court and with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  Her representation model is based upon quality litigation skills, and tactical, aggressive defense of her clients. 

Ms. Ortega also interned for a leading family law firm in Claremont California and worked as an Associate for a law firm in Westminster, California.  This experience engaged her in the practice of family law hearings, complex custody issues, and division of community property and child support matters.  She is a highly trained and aggressive advocate for her clients both inside and outside of the courtroom, including during mediations and/or settlement negotiations.  Ms. Ortega has expanded her practice to include Wills and Trusts, Unlawful Detainers, Judgment Collection and other civil matters.

Michelle Ortega has practiced Special Education Law for seven years, three of which were with a large firm in Orange County and the past four have been in her own practice. She is familiar with most District's in Southern California and many in Central and Northern California as well. She is also familiar with many of the attorneys and firms that the District's utilize and has built a solid reputation with the Office of Administrative Hearings in her professional and experienced dealings with Administrative Law Judges.

The Law Offices of Michelle Ortega treats each client as family, and fights for their rights.  You will find that this firm's tenacity will help you protect your family, your best interests and your future.  The one thing that sets Ms. Ortega apart from any other attorney, is the fact that she is personally involved in your representation, and will represent you in your case each step of the way.  Ms. Ortega is dedicated to each of her clients, and entrenches herself in their representation.

The firm's staff of paralegals and law clerks are similarly dedicated to public interest issues.  Ms. Ortega screens her staff very carefully to ensure that they hold the same dedication, ethics and desire to assist the firm's clients as she would.  The firm operates like a family; several parts making one whole, conducive unit, working together with the same goals in mind, conquering victory for our clients.  This alone makes this firm stand out from all others.  Together, we have made a difference in so many of our client's lives, and we are just beginning our fight.