Parent's Translation

Individuals with Disabilities Act

The Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) mandates the following:
  • LEA's must seek out and assess children suspected of having a disability.
  • Teachers and aide's assisting in the education students with disabilities must be trained and skilled.
  • Children with disabilities are to be offered a Free Appropriate Public Education ("FAPE").
  • Education includes appropriate related services or Designated Instructional Services ("DIS") to meet the child's unique needs.

 These can include any of the following:
  1. Transportation to and from the school of attendance and to therapy;
  2. Speech and Language Therapy;
  3. Behavioral Therapy including Discrete Trial, Applied Behavioral Analysis ("ABA");
  4. Occupational and Physical Therapy;
  5. Social Skills training;
  6. Parent Training;
  7. Recreation;
  8. Counseling and Psychological Services;
  9. Tutor's when needed;
  10. One-to-one trained aide support;
  11. Private school placement when appropriate.
Your child's education needs to be provided in the least restrictive environment with typical peers to the maximum extent possible.
This is indicative of the fact that the education must be individualized and appropriate to meet each child's unique needs.