Our Mission

More than just a career

To us, our practice is more than just a career.  Our clients are fundamental to our representation model, and we attempt to represent them with passion, aggression, and tactical legal methods.  We aim to not only advocate zealously for our clients, but to enable them with the skills necessary to self-advocate for their children.  We feel that parents are best suited to advocate on their child's behalf and best understand their children's unique needs. 
We attempt to empower each and every one of our parents with the resources needed to make informed, advantageous decisions.
We attempt to work amicably with the LEA, as in many instances adversarial litigation is neither necessary nor beneficial to the child's educational progress.  However, when necessary we aggressively represent our clients, in the fight for their child's educational programming and development.

The fundamental attribute that places our firm apart from that of any other is that we are truly dedicated and devoted to each of our clients.  We are passionate about our client's rights, educational programming and overall progression.  Our clients are the most valuable entity within our daily practices.  We pride ourselves on procuring our clients overall development for years to come.  We guarantee timely responses, affordable rates, and a distinct interpersonal representation model that will make you feel secure in our abilities.  Our firm is very precise in our representation method, and we attempt to give each case the diligence, strategy, and preparation necessary in order to fulfill our client's requests.  We hold our firm to a high standard of excellence, ensuring that each of our clients will undoubtedly understand that their child's educational development and progression are our fundamental priority.  Our clients are the frameworks of our daily practices.  We fight for the rights of each of these children, dedicating ourselves to their health, happiness, and progression.